Since childhood there were two inseparable things in my life and in every moment of it: reading and writing... in any mood or feeling, at times when I was filled with tranquility and solitude or at times when I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness... and in every moment of my life with its monotony, reading a poem or listening to one, became something like a daily necessity to me. At times even when I was not concentrated on it, the magic of words and sentences joined in an unconscious mood.
These occurrences also happen when writing; in solitude, loneliness, tranquility, happiness and monotony I write.
There are times when I am not looking for a certain word or text to scribe, I just follow my feelings and shape a word and picture it free from any bonds, in absolute freedom I tear down the usual arbitrary morphology of the words, at times, these free scribbling full of pathos and feelings give birth to the new shapes of the letters which shed colors from behind the light.
So, don’t look for a scripture to read, come and see forms from the moment that there was and passed by, and the feeling that followed.
Maybe you would see a bit of sorrow, love, a song, a dance or a flight...
I regard colors as the most wonderful possibility to depict anything from life to a dream and whatever possible in these two realms.
On my canvases, you will see colors differently from different angles, depending on where you stand and how you look, just like the beauties in life which all depend on your vantage point and how you see them.